About Us

About UsFor a long time, Hog Roast Falmouth has wowed many a customer and their guests, both in this area and further afield, making sure that our dedicated professionals serve great-tasting food, and at a great price too. Whether you’re planning a formal or informal event, and regardless of whether it’s a birthday, corporate function or wedding, or in fact anything else you can think of, we proudly cater to the masses with scrumptious food while ensuring excellent service. We aim to exceed and not just fulfill our customers’ needs and expectations, and this means also providing much more than a hog roast, as we cook all kinds of other tasty dishes too. Whatever you’re organising, whatever the numbers and wherever the location, Hog Roast Falmouth can cater for varying preferences as well as special diets, because we really do want everyone to be able to eat and enjoy our food.


If you’re happy with one of our amazing Hog Roast Falmouth hog roasts but you want to add sides, such as vegetables, potatoes or salad, or if you want to add an extra course, we have lots of options to choose from. If you’d prefer a spit-roasted meat instead of or even in addition to a hog roast, we can cook various animals and birds, like turkey, chicken beef or lamb. We love to offer plenty of choice and variety, and with our menus you’ll not only be surprised at what we can do in terms of meat alternatives, you’ll also be amazed at what we can provide for those with dietary requirements, such as vegetarians and vegans, or even gluten-free guests. Your needs are our priority and your guests will all be satisfied, regardless of their personal tastes or diet.


About UsWhile Hog Roast Falmouth can easily provide the choice and variety that means everyone will be catered for on the day, we also know how to cook the best hog roast in town that will thrill and satisfy most of your guests. With many years of practice under our belt, fully-trained professionals at the helm, and using only the finest equipment and ingredients, we produce a tasty hog that is juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside, and the visuals and aromas around add to the fact that it really can’t be beaten!

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